Ashtanga Yoga Intro To Mysore


Interested in developing a regular yoga practice to enhance your health and life ? Not sure about launching straight into the ongoing mysore self practice classes? Then this workshop is for you !

We will cover the basic principles and techniques underlying this method of yoga and explain it's origins and purpose. We will go through the beginning postures step by step, memorise them, and practice them . Finally we will do a mini class, mysore style, so that you understand exactly how it works and what to expect!

Suitable for complete beginners to ashtanga yoga, as well as students with some experience who are interested in transitioning to mysore style classes


Mysore-style is the traditional way to learn Ashtanga Yoga. (As taught in Mysore, India, where the practice originated).

Mysore classes allow for students to develop their own self-practice, learning and memorising the sequence bit by bit. It is the safest, most effective method of learning ashtanga yoga.

The introduction to mysore workshop is aimed at complete beginners to ashtanga as well as students who have experience of led classes but would like to transition to self practice.

Next Intro to Mysore workshop: 21st September 3 - 5:30pm BOOK HERE £25



Gemma’s Yin yoga class is fantastic, I always feel more relaxed and calm after and it helps restore my body after a week of regular ashtanga practice. I look forward to it every Friday! Gemma is a wonderful teacher and we are lucky to have her in Glasgow!

M Achard Brown

I’ve probably been to nearly every yoga teacher in Glasgow and Gem is the one for me. Her classes are challenging, yet never out of my depth. Her presence and patience is such a calming force and her intuitive knowledge of the body is always reassuring. I would recommend Gem to both beginners and advanced yogis who are looking for a full-hearted practice in an wholly unpretentious setting. This studio is all about the yoga. However much you put into your practice is how much you will get back. I, for one, appreciate that. Thank you, Gem.

A Roszak

I’ve just attended Cathy’s back bending workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it. Ive been struggling with this part of my practice for years but unsure why and today I was given exercises and advice I have not received before, exactly what I hoped for. Comprehensive, suitable for all levels and super friendly. Thanks!