Adjustment Workshop with Cathy Moran

The Art of Adjusting with Cathy Moran

Learn how to give safe and effective physical adjustments in  your yoga classes.

*This is a two part workshop – the first part takes place on Saturday 13th October, second part on Saturday 10th November.*

Hands on adjustments are a great tool to encourage, correct, and gently guide a student into a deeper expression of a yoga pose.

Yet it can be daunting at first – it’s difficult to know when to approach someone, how best to place yourself in order to make the adjustment, and how much pressure to apply.

Giving good adjustments requires confidence and an ability to understand and adapt to hugely diverse bodies and personalities! This comes through experience and practice, but there are some basic ground rules and techniques that will help you and which should always be followed.

This two day workshop is an introduction to the art of adjusting.

We will discuss why, when and how to give physical adjustments and explore through observation, demonstration and practice (on each other), using postures taken from the ashtanga yoga sequence.

Workshops will include:

  • Reasons for adjusting – why are we doing it?
  • Watching, assessing, and observing before ‘diving’ in
  • Practical instruction, tips and techniques
  • Understanding the nature of the adjustment – moving with the flow of energy, not against it
  • Using and placing your own body intelligently to support both the student and yourself
  • How much is too much pressure?
  • Building trust
  • How to adjust someone much bigger/smaller than you
  • Being sensitive to different personalities and emotional states.

This workshop is suitable for teachers, trainee teachers and experienced students who are interested in learning more!

A solid command of the primary series is required – please get in touch if you’re not sure if you’re eligible.

13th October 11am – 5pm
10th November 11am – 5pm

£100 both days
£55 each workshop


About Cathy:
With a background in holistic and Thai Yoga masage Cathy has been working with bodies for almost 20 years

For the past 8 years Cathy has been teaching and adjusting people on a daily basis in her Mysore style ashtanga classes. Having made seven extended trips to India to study at the KPJAYI, she remains Glasgow’s only authorised ashtanga teacher, and has had the privilege of assisting Sharath Jois in the main shala in Mysore.

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