Beginners Yoga Classes




A lovely invigorating all level Vinyasa class which slowly winds down into relaxing Yin. Vinyasa is a dynamic flow practice incorporating sun salutations with traditional yoga poses, each pose moves in relation with the breath. We will be working the core, building strength and flexibility in the upper and lower body through dynamic vinyasa movements before softening and cooling everything down with Yin. This class is for all levels of students.
Wednesdays at 6:15pm - 7:30pm


Yin Yoga

Yin is for all levels of students from absolute beginners to advanced.

In Yin yoga we do not work on building muscular strength, we work on the joints of the body  (think.. hips, shoulders, and spine.) The aim of the practice is to cause a slight stress to connective tissue and help to increase mobility within the areas where we are working. The postures are predominately done in a supine position and require no muscular effort, however this does not mean the practice is easy. We hold the postures from 1-10 mins. If you are looking to increase your range of mobility and flexibility this is the practice for you. The practice is for all levels of students and is excellent for developing a deep mindful practice.
We run Yin classes every Monday and Friday evening 6:15 - 7:15pm

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Ashtanga Yoga

Introduction to Ashtanga 5 week course

This is a five week absolute beginner’s course designed to guide you step by step into the traditional method of ashtanga yoga.
The focus will be on understanding the fundamental techniques and principles behind this method and on learning the beginning postures of the sequence, slowly and progressively, week by week. Suitable for everyone new to yoga and also for any students who would like to start from scratch to learn the ashtanga sequence properly. This course is also ideal for anyone interested in Mysore classes to get to grips with the basics before they start.


Sunday 12th Jan - Sunday 9th February 10.45 - 11.45am
A 5 week course pass is £35 and can be purchased here and then you can book yourself into the block of your choice.

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Beginner’s Ashtanga Level 1 / Ashtanga Basics

Both of these classes are ideal to follow on from the introductory course, continuing progressively through the ashtanga sequence, with detailed instruction and demonstrations when needed. The fundamentals learnt in the introductory course will be repeated and practiced with new elements added on each week. The most progress will be made if you attend regularly, but drop in students are welcome to any single class, whether you are a new student wanting to try the classes out or whether you are simply unable to make every week.  Ashtanga Basics, as the name suggests, will kept at a more gentle pace to allow for complete beginners to drop into the class at any time. Level 1, also suitable for beginners, may sometimes be more challenging.

Ashtanga Basics : Wednesdays  7.45 - 8.45pm

Beginner's level 1:  Saturdays  11am - 12pm

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Introduction to Mysore Workshops

The intro workshop is a one-off workshop covering the fundamental postures and techniques of ashtanga as well as information on the background and history of this system of yoga.  An ‘Intro to Mysore’ workshop is geared specifically towards starting morning/evening self practice classes, but works equally well as a general introduction for anyone new to ashtanga.

Next Intro to Mysore workshop: Saturday 15th February  3 - 5:30pm



Information for New Students

Coming to class for the first time

We know it can be nerve wrecking going to a yoga studio for the first time. However, we want you to know there is nothing to be nervous about. We are here to help and guide you, whether it is your first class or you have a regular practice but have not been to us before.

What to wear:

We recommend wearing leggings/shorts and a t-shirt or vest, nothing too loose and baggy.  Shoes are kept outside the studio. We have yoga mats in the studio for your use or you can bring your own. Please bring water with you, we do have a small kitchen for you to refill flasks and water bottles.

Personal belongings are kept in the studio and it is important to switch mobiles and tablets off or on silent mode once you enter the studio space.

If you have any questions about which classes will work for you or are interested in the next block of classes please contact us; 07719 867051 / 07894 213107