Class Descriptions and Styles


We offer a range of yoga classes for all levels of students; from beginners to advanced practitioners. We have several different styles of yoga classes and to find out which class is the best fit for you ... keep reading 🙂


'Mysore' Style Yoga

'Mysore' is named after a city in South India where the method of Ashtanga Yoga has come from, the city name is 'Mysore'. This class is for those who have knowledge of the Ashtanga Yoga Method either through taking regular led ashtanga classes or having attended one of our 'Intro to Mysore' or 'Beginners Ashtanga' workshops. Here you will find a melting pot of students all at different levels practicing together. This is not a led class, although you have the guidance of a highly experienced teacher there to assist and help you. It is designed to help you develop a 'Self Practice' of the Ashtanga Yoga sequence.

If you have an established practice you are welcome to drop in to this class. However, beginners are asked to attend one of our workshops or led classes before coming to practice 'Mysore Style"

We have both early morning and evening/weekend mysore classes.

Beginners Ashtanga Yoga

This is the perfect class for those students who are completely new to Ashtanga Yoga 'Mysore' practice. Here you will be guided through the Primary sequence starting from the very beginning with Surya Namakara A and B. You will be guided through postures one at a time in the order of the Primary sequence. This is to help you to memorise the sequence. Once you have established the foundations this will become your daily self practice and you will be able to attend the 'Mysore' classes.

Ashtanga Yoga Guided Classes (1/2 and Full Led Primary Series)

These are guided classes of varying levels where the teacher will guide you through the Ashtanga Yoga (1/2 or full) Primary series. As a beginner it is advised that you first attend the 'Beginners Ashtanga Yoga' classes as less instruction is used and it is done in the traditional Sanskrit count.

Yin Yoga

This is a guided Yin Yoga class for all levels of students from beginners to advanced. The perfect practice to help open up all the major joints in the body by holding (supine) floor poses for an extended amount of time. Here we focus on developing a mindful yoga practice. You are asked to direct your attention to your breath and deep into your body. Postures are done in a passive way so as to create a slight stress on the connective tissue, helping to strengthen and improve joint health and mobility. Yin yoga is a calm and centred practice, yet challenging at the same time. Calm music is played to help you relax into your practice.

Vinyasa Free Flow

In this 90 minute Freeflow Vinyasa class we will explore poses in more depth and challenge thresholds. This is a strong (but playful) class, so come prepared to sweat but know you can work at your own pace. Adjustments and alternatives are always offered to enable you to get the best out of your own practice on any given day. Come and wiggle with Laura every Thursday evening 7:30pm - 9pm. The class is open to all levels.

Vinyasa to Yin

A lovely invigorating all level Vinyasa class which slowly winds down into relaxing Yin. Vinyasa is a dynamic flow practice incorporating sun salutations with traditional yoga poses, each pose moves in relation with each breath. We will be working the core, building strength and flexibility in the upper and lower body through dynamic vinyasa movements before softening and cooling everything down with Yin. This class is for all levels of students. Music is played in class.



Booking Your Class

To book your class please go to our 'Timetable and Prices' page where you will see all the classes which are on this week. If you have any questions about classes and suitability please email us: