COVID 19 Health and Safety Guidelines

COVID 19 Health & Safety Finnieston Yoga Shala

Health and Safety

Following government guidelines these are the measures we need to implement to minimise risk of infection within the studio. Please read carefully!!

Social Distancing

A maximum of eight students per class.

Every class must be pre-booked online - no drop ins. Because of the number limitations no shows and late cancellations ( less than 6 hours before class, or for morning mysore 12 hours) will be charged, no exceptions!

For most classes students should wait outside the building until the instructor calls them in. For morning mysore students can enter the building but must observe social distancing within the corridor ( if there is a student already in the corridor maintain distance until they enter the studio, if there are 2 students in the corridor wait outside the building)

Mat spaces will be marked out with tape. Students must stay within their mat space as much as possible.

Where possible arrive in your yoga clothes and leave in them too - where this is not possible try to get ready as efficiently as possible to minimise time spent in changing areas and toilets.

Hands on adjustments will be given only if the student would like them - we will leave this up to the individual and instructors will wear masks when in close proximity to students.

Please wear masks whilst entering and leaving the building. They are not necessary during the class, although you can wear them if you like.

Cleaning and Sanitising

Hand sanitise on entering the studio. Wash your hands when using/before leaving the bathroom .

Please bring your own mats and we encourage you to bring your own props too, if needed. We have kept some blocks in the studio for students to borrow but these must be meticulously sanitised before and after each use. We can no longer provide blankets or bolsters.

We will have limited space for regular students ( those coming at least 3 times per week!) to store their mats if they wish to - allocated on a first come first served basis. These mats must also be sanitised after use.

The studio will be cleaned and ventilated every morning and evening after class.

Test and Trace

To support NHS test and trace we need to have records of everyone who attends our classes. If everyone books their classes online this will take care of itself. Please ensure that you have provided your contact details in your online account and have read and signed the revised terms and conditions.