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FYS – March 19 Newsletter

Finnieston Yoga Shala Newsletter March 2019

Dear Yogis

Spring is in the air!!
It’s getting warmer and the days are getting longer – no better time to get immersed in your yoga practice!
Gem is starting her second 50 hour Yin Teacher Training this weekend – please note all regular Saturday and Sunday classes are cancelled this week!!
The second installment will be the weekend of the 16th and 17th – so, again please check the timetable for any changes in schedule.


Saturday 9th March 8.30 – 10.45am

Come and join us next Saturday for a traditional counted led primary series class followed by conference (ie.an informal talk about yoga with tea and cake!) Topics covered are usually based on yoga philosophy, traditions and methodology.
Questions are welcome! These sessions happen roughly every 4 – 6 weeks so do come down if you can!
You can use your class passes or drop in rate is £15 for class and conference.


PARTS 2 & 3

Another chance to take part in these technique oriented workshops. The Foundation Series is designed to complement and aid your existing asana practice. This series has come about from years of observing and assisting students, as well as research through personal practice. You will learn fundamental yet sometimes elusive tips, techniques and ground rules that when understood and implemented properly can have a transformative effect on your practice!

Saturday 30th March 3 -5.30pm

In part two of this series the focus will be on the seated sequence – how do we find and train our foundation once our feet are no longer on the floor? We will see how we need to continue working the legs and bandhas to facilitate seated forward bends.
This workshop will be also be an exploration of the jump throughs and jump backs – how we need to train our hands to keep pushing down, and to understand the connection of strength between the hands, shoulder girdle, back and bandhas in order to lift up and glide through!

Suitable for anyone with some experience of the primary series

Sunday 31st March, 3 – 5.30pm

In this, the third in the foundation series, the focus will be Backbends.
Back bending done properly improves heart function, flushes the internal organs, stretches the entire front of body, strengthens the spine and boosts your mood.. yes, backbends make you happy!
Yet a flexible spine alone is not enough to achieve a fully balanced backbend …again we need to establish and train strong roots to access length and mobility in hard to reach areas of the body. This work will build essential strength and support for those with a bendy back and will open up and stretch stuck areas for those who are not so flexible. This is a workshop to give participants a deeper understanding of the benefits and mechanics of back bending so they can incorporate this knowledge into their daily asana practice, and pave the way for freedom and success in postures like urdhva dhanurasana and more!!

Suitable for all levels of students with a regular practice


We’re delighted to welcome the wonderful Philippa Asher back to Glasgow in August .
She will be here from Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th August teaching 4 mornings of assisted self practice and a Saturday afternoon workshop. This is not yet available to book but will be very soon, so keep those dates free!!!

Gem & Cathy x

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