The Studio

We are a lovely small studio in the heart of Finnieston, Glasgow. We teach Ashtanga yoga in the tradition of the late Sri K. Pattabi Jois and his grandson Sharath Jois from Mysore in Southern India. We also teach Hatha flow and Yin Yoga as well as offer teacher training for dedicated students and teachers. The studio is run by Cathy Moran from Ashtanga Yoga Glasgow and Gem Maryan from Gem Maryan Yoga.

We are a small team of passionate and highly experienced teachers dedicated to teaching traditional yoga, which incorporates asana (postures) chanting (traditionally in sanskrit) and in depth knowledge of the yoga tradition (so not just postural yoga).

If you are looking to create a deep connection to your body, mind and Spirit we are the perfect fit for you. We only take up to 15 students in each class, so you can be guaranteed our full attention in helping you to dive into the world of yoga in a safe and nurturing environment whether you are a brand new yoga student of a seasoned yogi.