Cathy and Gem at the Finnieston yoga shala

The studio is run by Cathy Moran from Ashtanga Yoga Glasgow and Gem Maryan from Gem Maryan Yoga. We both have a wealth of experience in teaching and practice. To find out more about the different styles of yoga we offer take a look at our 'Yoga Classes' page. For class times and pricing options please look at our 'Timetable and Pricing' page. We look forward to see you in the studio soon. If you would like to chat to us about the right class for you, you can contact us here. We also offer private 121 lessons / corporate yoga and massage, if this is something you would like to know more about you can find out more on each teachers website, the links are below.


Cathy Moran Ashtanga Yoga GlasgowCathy Moran
Ashtanga Yoga Glasgow

Cathy has been practising yoga since 1999. Although initially interested in various forms, she always found herself drawn to the strength, flow and discipline of the ashtanga system. A trip to Yoga Plus in Crete in 2002 (with teachers Pierre Seghir and Radha Warrell) ignited an ongoing dedication to Mysore-style daily practice, learning first with Alexander Medin at Yoga Place in Bethnal Green, and later with Hamish Hendry at Ashtanga Yoga London. Despite never having been a ‘morning person’ this daily ritual began to weave it’s magic – slowly bringing strength, clarity, peace and positivity, into an otherwise pretty chaotic existence! The practice was the catalyst for change in lifestyle too- from working in the busy London restaurant industry to becoming a full time massage therapist to eventually teaching yoga after moving to Glasgow in 2007.

In 2008 she made her first trip to The Krishna Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. Since then she has dedicated her life to the practice, study, and teaching of the Ashtanga Yoga Method, returning to Mysore regularly for extended periods of study with her teacher R Sharath Jois. In 2014 she received level 2 authorization to teach the primary and intermediate series. In 2016 she had the honour of assisting Sharath in the main shala.

Ashtanga Yoga Glasgow was born out of a desire to share the traditional Mysore method of Ashtanga Yoga as taught at the KPJAYI in Mysore. Starting with two mornings a week and just a few dedicated students, increasing gradually to 3, 4 and eventually 5 mornings, Cathy established Glasgow’s first morning mysore self practice programme 7 years ago and over the years has taught many of the teachers currently working in and around Glasgow. She endeavours to teach with integrity, to share and pass this method on to others as it was taught to her, in an approachable, friendly and compassionate way.


Gem Maryan
Gem Maryan Yoga

I am an experienced yoga teacher and pracitioner based in Finnieston, Glasgow. I run Finnieston Yoga Shala with Cathy Moran from Ashtanga Yoga Glasgow. I started yoga in my mid 20’s. A year after moving to Scotland from the Middle East and not long after the birth of my daughter. The past 11 years I have dedicated myself to developing my own daily yoga practice and I became a teacher 8 years ago.

Originally I trained with Bikram and taught Bikram, Hot Vinyasa, Absolute Hot A and Yin. I discovered that Bikram was not enough for my body and I wanted to develop more strength, which led me to Ashtanga. I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga daily for about 6+ years  and I also practice Yin yoga about x3 times a week to keep my body in balance.

I am a mother to my 16 year old daughter Farah. I teach workshops, classes in Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin as well as run the 50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training for teachers and the 200 Hour Teacher Training in Ashtanga and Yin Yoga. I am also an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist and Reiki Level 2 practitioner.

I have trained with the following teachers: Bernie Clark and Diane Betts (Yin Yoga) / Harmony Slater, Philippa Asher and many others (Ashtanga Yoga)


Laura Wright
Vinyasa Teacher

I believe that movement is one of the simplest joys and I want to help you to find freedom, ease and playfulness in your practice. I have nearly a decade of teaching experience and have trained with internationally renowned teachers such as Meghan Currie. I have a background not only in Yoga but in Olympic weight lifting and hill running. I pull on all these threads in my classes with the intention to enable a deeper understanding of your body and mind through good quality movement.
In my classes you can expect clear anatomically driven instruction with a strong, slow build to a peak posture, then a deep unravelling into Savasana. Come prepared to sweat, wiggle along to great music and take time just for you. I'm a teller of terrible jokes and silliness is actively encouraged!
In this 90 minute class we will explore poses in more depth and challenge thresholds. This is a strong (but playful) class, so come prepared to sweat but know you can work at your own pace. I am always happy to offer adjustments and alternatives so that you get the most out of your practice. Come Wiggle!


Rose Skeoch

Rose first came to yoga and meditation in her early twenties, attending classes in the local Buddhist centre. Having cultivated her practice over the years, she completed a 200-hour seasonal yoga teacher training over 12 months.
With a background in Psychology and Education, Rose is continuously looking to further her understanding of yoga and inform her practice through study. Her recently completed trainings include yoga for children, yin yoga and Trauma Centre trauma sensitive yoga (TCTSY). She is currently undertaking a 12-month mindfulness teacher training with Mindfulness Scotland.
Rose teaches a variety of yoga styles, including ashtanga, dynamic vinyasa, yin and seasonal yoga. She loves experimenting with yoga flows creatively, and infuses her teaching with this playfulness. Classes are friendly, accessible and uplifting, and aim to inspire freedom and openness, in body and mind.
Rose looks to share yoga and meditation with you in an inclusive and supportive way, without dogma or pretension. Expect to move with awareness and make friends with your body, in an accepting and non-judgemental environment.
Rose teaches Ashtanga Beginners on Saturday 11am - 12pm


Nikki Leslie Gallagher

Its always been yoga…..I have been practicing yoga, mainly a hatha style since my late teens and I came across Ashtanga back in 2015 and have been mesmorised   by the practice ever since. I started to practice Ashtanga at the Yoga Shala with Gem and Cathy and this is where my passion for Yin Yoga developed. After practicing with Gem I completed her yin yoga teacher training and I have never looked back, both practices bring balance and peace to my life.  I have also been very lucky to practice at the Shala under the watchful eye of Harmony Slater and Phillipa Asher and learn from their experiences of the practice.

I also practice advanced mindfulness and teach mindful movement for the Glasgow Mindfulness Centre in Maryhill. I am very lucky to now be teaching this in my day job to young people. 

Nikki is one of our lovely cover teachers and will be covering Gems Yin classes whilst she is away from 21st November - 10th December 19

Graham Munro

I believe in a mind and body that is free from the stresses and distractions of modern day life. My purpose is to create a safe place, an inclusive community, a space to journey into self awareness. I believe that Yoga is a way of truly living and seeing the beauty of the world, the poses you hold on a mat are only the beginning of your journey.”

I have been practicing yoga for over 12 years and I still remember my first yoga class all those years ago, my Body was stiff and inflexible, I literally couldn’t even touch my toes! But after every class I was calmer more aware, I was content. I came to yoga for the physical practice, I wanted to be flexible and strong, what I found though was a better version of myself. Strength, balance, movement and breath are important to me and my own practice. I love to start my own practice and my classes with an awareness of breath, our life force. To unlock the mind we need to first understand the power of breathing. I will always encourage you to be aware of your breath as we move through the class linking movement with breath. I offer a energetic practice to my students bringing awareness to the energy pathways and the anatomy connected to the pose we are working on. The only way to find out the benefits of yoga is to come to a class, join me on the mat and we can start that journey together.

Graham is our wonderful cover teacher. He will be covering Gem's Vinyasa to Yin and Friday night Yin Yoga from the 21st November to 11th December 19

Booking Your Class


To book your class please go to our 'Timetable and Prices' Page where you will see all the classes which are on this week. If you have any questions about classes and suitability please contact us directly on 07894 213107 / 07719 867051