50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

August 2019




Welcome to a quiet practice. Here you will learn the foundational elements of all things yin; including Philosophy, anatomy, asana, meditation, stillness and breath.

This is a comprehensive 50 hour training course in Yin Yoga for yoga teachers and other disciplines such as pilates/fitness teachers, as well as bodywork specialists. You will receive 50 hours YACEP accreditation through the Yoga Alliance USA upon successful completion of this course. In order to receive these credits you must participate in the whole course, this includes homework that will need to be completed on time. You must hold a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate to receive credits.

The programme follows the standards set out by yoga alliance in each of the 5 educational catergories.

Each weekend will be a blend of practice, meditation, mindfulness, breath work, presentations and hands on experience of teaching and assisting in poses.

Yin Yoga Origins

Where and how did this practice come about.
Understanding the difference between Restorative/Hatha Yoga and Yin yoga as well as between passive and active poses - Yin/Yang
The Principles of Yin Yoga.


Intro to Yin/Yang relativity
Stillness and enquiry, discovering a slower pace and the art of doing less
Yin Poses for the 5 main meridian pairs; Kidney & Bladder / Liver & Gallbladder / Spleen & Stomach / Lung & Large Intestine / Heart & Small Intestine
Yin Yoga for the lower and upper body.
The use of props and how and when to use them.
Finding your own unique shape and understanding how to guide others to find theirs.

Pranayama & Meditation

Understanding the importance of breath and meditation/mindfulness in Yin Yoga and how to develop these into your own practice so you can effectively teach these to students.


Tension vs Compression
Skeletal variations in individuals and how this will effect the shape of the pose
Understanding the key joints, bones and connective tissues

Teaching Methodology

Pose research sheets for each Yin pose.
Sample routines for teaching.
How to create quiet in a yin class, understanding pace, voice and music.
How to support students when needed.
Class structure and sequencing.
Practicum - teaching a yin class.


" Yin is a wonderful practice and Gemma is an exceptional teacher, generous, fun and sensitive. The course is so well structured and comes from her substantial experience and knowledge. I leaned about yin, anatomy, energy, about teaching, about what my students might need and, as a bonus, I learned so much about my own practice! Thank you Gem, for changing my approach to yoga and bringing more balance into my teaching and my life. I loved every minute of it." L Gonzalez

Dates for this course: 

24th - 25th August
30th August - 1st September
6th - 8th September

Maximum number of students per course is 10


Friday: 6:30 - 9:00pm
Saturday: 9:30am - 5:30pm
Sunday: 11am - 4pm

Manual and Teacher Training Support:

You will receive a YinAsana Yoga Manual which we will use throughout the course.
An email will be sent out with the required reading list and full course schedule.


£500 for the full cost of the course

You can book your place now on Finnieston Yoga Shala online booking system.